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Welcome to SIT News, your one stop online destination for the latest sports news coverage and analysis across all major sporting leagues, including the NFL, MLB, MBA, NHL and College sports. With daily updates and around the clock sports news coverage, we make sure no piece of sports news or information goes unnoticed, and we aim to keep our readers informed on all of their favorite American sports leagues’ daily news and updates.

Funded by Jon Price, a renowned mathematician and sports consultant who has invested $475,000 into the development of SIT News since 2015, our team is committed to the ever-evolving sports landscape, and strive to source and provide you with the most relevant sports news, coverage, commentary, analysis and much more. This information is well researched, and provided to you in an easy to read and share format, on a daily basis.

Some of the Sporting topics we cover include:

        • Team News, Standing, Stats
        • Sports Movers, Rumors etc.
        • Games scores, highlights and summaries
        • Player profiles
        • Match Prediction Tips
        • Fantasy Sports
        • And Much, much more

Whether you are a sporting newbie or a loyal sports enthusiast looking to get minute by minute information as they happen, SIT news has you covered. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with timely, high quality sporting information, to keep you informed and entertained every day.

We’ve been providing daily news on all of the major sports for almost 2 years now and pride ourselves on giving late breaking and up-to-the-minute stories on all of the important story lines and action from the American sports leagues and their college counterparts. Our writers that contribute to our daily sports content all have a degree in Journalism, as well as a background in sports to ensure that they’re giving the reader a unique, professional, and informed opinion on the topic.

In early 2015, Jon price set out with the intention to build a sporting news firm that would compete with the media giants of the industry. He began building his team of writers and resources, making sure that they all possess not only top notch sports insight and perspective into the major four American sports, as well as College sports, but also exhibit great writing skills and the ability to keep our reads informed and entertained while reading our daily sports articles. Jon and his team are dedicated to keeping our daily readers among the most informed on the internet, and we take great pride in having some of the best writers available.

Originally, Jon had planned to just keep a small, but supremely talented team of writers to carry SIT News into the spotlight and stake claim to a piece of the mainstream sports news industry, but the team quickly swelled to over 20 employees and before we knew it, SIT News was practically an overnight success in the sporting news world.

It wasn’t long into our first year before SIT News was accepted into and began publishing to Apple News and Bing News. This greatly increased our readership and helped grow SIT News one step closer to being the sports media powerhouse that we strive to be. We were able to reach hundreds more reads each and every day through the Apple and Bing News aggregates and have hopes of eventually being published into Google News.

Entering our second year of operation here at SIT News and we’ve grown a lot since our humble beginnings in 2015. Our writing staff has evolved as we’ve seen some of our writers go on to bigger ventures, and have also seem some new talent carry the flame of what we view as one of the most reliable and reputable sports news sources in all of the internet.

If you’re looking for a new place to get your daily dose of sporting news and updates from around the major American sporting leagues, as well as College, then look no further than SIT News. No other team on the internet is more motivated to keep you informed and in the loop on all of the happenings from around every league. Let us help you stay up on all the latest important sports updates and news from all of your favorite sports, and also provide you with special insight and takes on some of the news in sports today.

Welcome to SIT News, allow us keep you Informed on all happenings in the Sports Industry.

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