Free NFL Picks This Week: NFL Computer Picks and Betting Predictions

The team of writers here cover every NFL Game. Our free online NFL Picks against the spread from our analysts here at Sports Information Traders provides in depth NFL betting previews, live odds, and computer betting predictions for free to our readers. If you are looking for help with predictions on games, opening lines and learning how to bet on pro football we can help educate and teach you with our weekly expert NFL Picks and betting predictions.

The most popular bets made in football are on the total points scored in a game and the spread pick. The total points scored in a game is called the total or the over/under. The other information you will see is the Money Line and odds with a handicap added in. Money Line bets are common in NBA, NFL, and NCAA Football as it means who will win the game straight up with no handicap involved. In hockey and baseball however, it’s called the Puck Line and Run Line.

How To Get Started Betting on NFL Games

The spread for NFL games is the handicap to even out the probability of one team winning. Betting on a team at +3.5 points means that the team will have to cover the spread by at least 3.5 points to be considered a winning bet by scoring an amount that would be losing the game by no more than 3 points. On the other side of the bet if you bet on a team -3.5 points that means you would have to have the wagered on team win by at least 4 points otherwise it would be considered a loss. If the number is a whole number and the game ends exactly on that number. For example +7 points and the team you bet on loses by exactly 7 points then the bet would be voided out and refunded.

Total runs scored in an NFL game is the over/under line you will see in all of our previews. This number is one you can bet on more than or less than the predicted total score by both teams in the NFL game including overtime. Here at Sports Information Traders, we analyze and breakdown every single NFL game of the season and playoffs to deliver you our journalists expert opinion, picks, predictions, NFL betting tips, opening odds, and computer-generated prediction for the game that week.

NFL Betting Today

Our NFL predictions cover every single game from the pre-season kick off to the end of the season with the Super Bowl finale. With over 18 exciting weeks where we games covered and including pre-season and playoffs, we cover over 272 different game predictions and previews for the regular NFL season.

Here at Sports Information Traders, we bring expert NFL betting analysis and NFL betting tips for each game. We have prop betting picks for subscribers and our experts’ best bets of the day are free for subscribers.

NFL Betting Online

If you are in Canada, you have different sportsbooks that are recommended than ones if you are in the USA. Contact an analyst here to help guide you on which sportsbook will be the best for you whether it’s DraftKings, Fan Duel, Caesars, Bookmaker, Bet365, or another sportsbook that we can recommend.

Each of our NFL betting previews cover the following:
NFL Computer Betting Picks & Predictions
NFL Opening Lines
NFL Game Date
NFL Kick off time
• Where to watch the NFL Game
• Location of the football game
• Football stadium
• Final Score Computer Prediction for the NFL match up
• Top NFL Betting Trends for each team
• Percentage Chance of each team winning the game against the spread
• Team Leaders in passes, sacks, catches, and other important game details
• Betting Trends
NFL Injury Reports

There are numerous ways to bet on football online and our experts are here to deliver predictions and plays for you to analyze and use our stats and advisory services to help pick winners.

Which Team To Bet On in the NFL Today

There are a lot of games to wager on each week in the NFL. Trying to pick which games to bet on and which ones to pass on can be exhausting if you don’t have a team of analysts. Lucky for you that’s where the team at Sports Information Traders comes in and excels in helping you to select what games to bet on. Our industry leading NFL analysts do all the research for you. Every single game played will have a detailed preview with the key trends, data, and stats listed above. Each preview also comes with a free algorithmic NFL pick so you can see what play our software likes best to wager on in the NFL today.

Types Of Bets You Can Make On The NFL

Like other major sports there are a lot of different bets you can make on an NFL Game and more if you like to bet on teasers and parlays. Below is an overview for Money Line bets, Spread Bets, Parlays, Live Bets, Proposition Bets, and Futures.

NFL Money Line Betting

Betting on the NFL Money Line if you take the favored team will be one of the lowest payouts but highest probability wagers to make in an NFL game. Betting this is the easiest way to bet on an NFL game. A money line bet on football is who will win the game team A or team B with no handicap added in.

NFL Betting Against The Spread

Betting NFL against the spread is often abbreviated to “ATS”. While baseball & hockey use specific terms hockey do (puck line) and baseball (run line). The favored team is typically giving up points so you will see a negative sign to the left of the line for them. For example -7 points means they are expected to win by 7 points in the game. While the odds change in football based on injuries and where the action is betting you can see large swings and movements from where a line opens earlier in the week.
Spread betting in college football is similar to spread betting in professional football.

NFL Parlay Betting

Parlay bets are a way to take a higher risk and make more money if you win multiple bets. With each extra bet you have a higher payout but it’s a zero-sum game where if you lose one bet then you lose all. You can parlay multiple games for football or even mix and match with other sports such as a college football game with an NFL game. The end result is a winner if you correctly pick who will win multiple games. Sportsbooks like Caesars or Barstool Sportsbook have intriguing prop bets for football games such as 1st quarter scores, catches by a wide receiver, throws by a starting quarterback, total rushing yards in a game, 2nd half points, longest field goal in the game, and a ton of other bets that sharp advisors like Jon Price can really help you with if you’re serious about betting on unique but profitable opportunities for a NFL game.

NFL Live Betting Tips

Live betting is exactly what it sounds like. You can place a wager on the game as it is happening in real time. Odds fluctuate based on what has happened in the game so far. NFL Live betting is a way to make a lot of extra money if you are an experienced sports bettor or are a subscribe to Jon Price’s live NFL bets. Due to this most sportsbooks limit the amount of action you can place during the game as sharps tend to cover a much higher percentage of live bets compared to straight up wagers. The typical wagers you can place are money line, spread bets, totals, and prop bets such as final score, how many points scored in a period, total field goals, and total touchdowns and touchdowns thrown by a quarterback.

NFL Player Prop Bets & Team Proposition Picks

As mentioned above an individual NFL Player Prop bet is considered side action in sports betting slang. This is a wager on an event happening or not happening based on a team or players performance in a football game. The number of points, total score in a half, and other fun props make the game interesting to watch and even more fun when you make money betting on those player props and you win.

Team proposition picks are bets you can make based on a team’s performance. Total points scored by a football team in a game. This is a twist on the over/under bets that you typically see and can be advantageous to a sharp bettor if you know that one team is likely to score a lot of points but don’t believe the total points in the NFL game will go above that amount. Some of the favorite NFL prop picks our clients like to bet on when available are the first team to score, first half and second half scores, conference winners, and total season wins over/under picks can be a great way to have fun betting during the regular season.

NFL Futures Betting Picks

Speaking of total season wins. This is one way to make a lot of money and gives you the ability to hedge your bets to guarantee a profit. NFL Futures Betting, as the name implies is a football bet on a future outcome for the end of the NFL regular season or post-season if you are wagering on a super bowl or division winner. These picks we give out to our clientele here at Sports Information Traders ranges from conference winner, Super Bowl Champion, and we even cover individual player futures such as who will win the MVP of the league, most touchdowns for the season, total running yards leader, and other fun props for the league. As the dates get closer to expiration the payouts are lower. The one drawback of NFL futures and all future bets in general is that it ties up your funds until the expiration of the event.

NFL Totals Betting Predictions

Our NFL Over/Under betting predictions tell you what the final score of the game is predicted to be. With our algorithmic computer software that generates these picks in each article above you can see how many points each team is predicted to score in the game. The total of those two teams sets the over/under that you can bet on, and we help you pick what way to bet on either the over or the under. For example, if you pick over 47.5 points that means there needs to be 48 scored between the two teams for you to be a winner.

How Much To Bet On Football Picks

Learning how much to bet on football picks is one of the most important things to determine and an analyst at Sports Information Traders can help advise on the best way to properly manage your bankroll whether it’s 1 unit or 3% or 10% of your bankroll depending on your goals. If you are tracking wins and losses knowing the lingo is important. ATS is an important three letters to remember. That term means against the spread. If you are wagering never risk your entire bankroll on any single NFL game or week of the season.

Our Computer NFL Picks

Our computer software delivers NFL Picks and have outpaced other handicappers each season. If you are interested in premium NFL Expert Picks Against The Spread and working with an analyst directly you can do so above. Our syndicate NFL Picks are free and created by a computer algorithm to create each games prediction against the spread. The computer algorithm develops numerous variables to spit out accurate predictions. Some of these variables are betting trends, how many games on the road a football team has won in a row, starting line-ups, injury reports, travel schedule, historical betting trends, and many other variables input by our software engineers to avoid human bias and error.

So let’s score a touch down with winning NFL betting picks all season long.

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