Adam Chernoff Handicapper and Betting Picks

by | Jan 13, 2020 9 Sports Bettors 9 Adam Chernoff Handicapper and Betting Picks

In the world of sports wagering it’s common to go to the professionals to seek out their insight and potentially even steal a pick or two of theirs to place a wager on. With sports betting becoming more mainstream and legal thanks to PASPA there’s a lot more pretenders popping up everyday who are looking to cash in on the gold rush of being a sports handicapper.

Now more than ever it’s important to do your due diligence and find the few quality handicappers who can back up their picks with winning results like the analysts at Sports Information Traders can. One of those established and successful sports bettors and handicappers who has built his name and reputation over the last 10 years as being one of the most reliable and consistent sports bettors in the world is Canadian Adam Chernoff who has since moved down to the Dominican Republic.

Adam has worked as an oddsmakers for the sportsbooks, one in particular was, and he’s also traveled the world giving his sports betting advice. When he was 18, Adam moved from Canada to the Dominican Republic where he hoped to chase his dream job of becoming a professional sports bettor. After ten years of wagering daily on sports for a living and not only profiting off sports betting, but making big time money doing what he loves, he eventually moved back to Canada with his wife where he now works for the largest slot operation in all of Western Canada. In sports betting, Adam’s edge is that he’s as good as anyone at reading the sports market and where the value in a pick is going to go. He comes up with his own lines for each game and compares them to what the popular sportsbooks generate, and when he sees a large discrepancy in the line, he knows there’s great value on the play and so he wagers on it. This technique has helped Adam become very successful and wagering on sports against the spread over the years and he eventually has caught on with a few online sports betting communities where he now contributes weekly content on all the various sporting action for that week.

Adam mostly focuses on NFL and soccer which are his two specialities. He produces write-ups for sports bettors to follow his insight and he even gives out occasional free picks. In soccer, Adam focuses on the European leagues as they generate the most clicks and are far more popular than any other sports around the world. His weekly betting insight is absolutely crucial to so many sports bettors who depend on him to help decide their wagers against the spread. In football he solely focuses his content on the NFL.
Adam has built his name on being one of the best sports bettors over the last decade and now he gives out his winning information mostly for free through various sports betting outlets. You can follow Adam on Twitter where he goes by @AdamChernoff, or at any number of sports betting publications that he writes for, such as With another NFL Playoffs upon us, Adam is hard at work reading the NFL sports betting market and helping his followers find good value amongst the rubbish. Since there’s fewer games during the NFL playoffs and Vegas has most of their resources dedicated to perfecting the lines, it’s harder to find distinct value during this part of the season, but that’s when Adam is at his best, putting in the time to help deliver you winning NFL picks against the spread. Be sure to follow Adam on Twitter for daily sports betting insight and new content to help assist you in your daily wagers.

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