It’s Not Looking Good for the Buffalo Bills and Running Back LeSean McCoy

by | Jul 13, 2018 9 Football 9 It’s Not Looking Good for the Buffalo Bills and Running Back LeSean McCoy

Posted on July 12, 2018, by Travis Pulver

The Buffalo Bills were going to be hard-pressed to make the playoffs this season. Playing in the same division as the New England Patriots means you have to win one of the wild-card spots. They barely got one last year after finishing the regular season 9-7.

But with a brand new starting quarterback this year, the odds were not in favor of a return to the playoffs. Should they lose LeSean McCoy as well—and they might – they’ll become a virtual lock not to make it.

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Yes, there is a chance that they could lose running back LeSean McCoy for some portion of the season. The league could decide to place him on the commissioner’s exempt list while the investigation is ongoing.

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“Investigation into what?” you ask.

McCoy has been accused of orchestrating a home invasion where his ex-girlfriend was beaten, and several pieces of jewelry were taken. Where it gets dicey for McCoy is that he supposedly asked his ex to return the jewelry when they broke up. When she refused, he told her she might get robbed because they were expensive.

The assailant happened to ask specifically for those pieces during the attack.

The accusations are without merit and mean nothing without tangible proof—in a court of law. But in the NFL’s kangaroo court, the burden of proof is more like that of a civil case. She doesn’t need to prove he did it. She just needs to have a better case against him than he has against her (and the accusations).

With how the NFL tends to move when it comes to ‘investigations’ McCoy could end up retiring before its done. But he could get placed on the commissioner’s exempt list which would require him to:

“…have been formally charged with a crime of violence, including “having engaged in other conduct that poses a genuine danger to the safety or well-being of another person,” or for a league to suspect a violation but still be investigating.”

When does the NFL tend to use this list? Giants kicker Josh Brown (domestic violence) got placed on it. Adrian Peterson was put on it while his case got investigated. The Panthers had Greg Hardy on it during his domestic violence case. Colts linebacker Josh McNary was placed on the list while rape allegations levied against him were investigated.

It sounds like there is a very good chance that the NFL could take that route. However, the league will probably (hopefully) want there to be some semblance of proof McCoy was involved. So far, the police have recognized that the incident occurred as stated.

McCoy is not a suspect at this time. Without any indication that he was, it should be hard for the NFL to take action against him right now. But whenever it looks like the NFL shouldn’t take action, it normally does.


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