Barstool Sports Advisors Picks Against the Spread

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Everyone’s familiar with Barstool Sports and their satirical sports articles covering all four of the major American sports leagues, as well as their college counterparts. In recent years they’ve also introduced a show called Barstool Sports Advisors where they feature sports betting advice against the spread but with a comedic and satirical twist.

We’ve offered to have them take our winning picks and predictions from the world’s most successful and profitable sports bettor Jon Price but they have advised that they like the satirical format and those who want to get winning betting picks will have to call 866-441-2711 to speak with a sports betting advisor who will help them.

The three regular hosts of the show are legendary sports handicapper Stu Feiner, Barstool podcast host Dan Katz, and founder of Barstool sports David Portnoy. Many may recognize Stu Feiner from his days on TV back in the ‘90s where he was the biggest sports handicapper on all of television pitching his weekly sports betting picks against the spread. Stu became well known for his over the top delivery and limitless energy on the air. He was also the character that the sports betting movie “Two For The Money” was based on. Dan Katz mostly made his name as the co-host of the Pardon My Take podcast produced by Barstool Sports, as well as his relatively new podcast with Alex Rodriguez called “The Corp.” David Portnoy is obviously the creator of Barstool Sports and their edgy comedic take on sports wagering and various sports storylines going on around the various leagues.

Football Picks from Barstool Sports

Each week of the NFL season the Barstool Sports Advisors put out an episode discussing all of the week’s betting action against the spread and any other notable stories that they think their audience would like to hear. While there’s plenty of comedic value and satirical takes mixed into the show, they also do offer genuine sports betting advice for the common betting fan. Stu Feiner is one of the most famous sports handicappers of all time and he commonly will give his insight and opinion on the various betting options of the weeks and any games that he sees as being a distinct advantage for profiting from.

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While Stu brings most of the sports betting clout and insightful betting information, David Portnoy, the founder of Barstool sports brings a lot of the satirical value to the show with a variety of skits and creative editing to add to the overall entertainment of the show. Along with Dan Katz also adding his own comedic takes to the show, together they all provide an informative, lighthearted, and entertaining take on this weekend’s sporting action for the common bettor.

The show started back in 2018 and has been an immediate hit among local, global, and degenerate sports bettors as well as the common sports fan. Barstool Sports was already a very establish blog for satirical sports takes, so they hit the ground running by tapping into their already vast audience. Their weekly shows are posted on their own website, as well as Youtube. In addition to the three main hosts discussing sports betting and offering comedic relief when possible, they also occasionally features cartoonish skits along with other featured segments.

The show has only continued to grow in popularity over the years since being introduced in 2018. Each of the three hosts brings a little something different to the table and they balance out the quality betting information with funny jokes quite well. It’s a very entertaining and well-rounded show that has built up a large following that tunes in each week to see what they have in store for the coming week of sports betting action. Not only are they discussing sports betting lines, odds, totals, and other relevant sports betting information, but they’re also discussing all the typical sports storylines that are being talked about that week. An all around great show with insightful information and genuinely funny content, be sure to tune into this week’s episode either on their website or on Youtube.

Barstool currently runs a freeroll gambling service, Barstool Bets , which they launched in September of 2019. As of early 2020 they are in talks with Penn National Gaming to sell the parent company founded by Portnoy. With a strong presence in the gaming industry and sports bettors listening in on Barstool’s shows online, on youtube, Reddit, Instagram, and other places they can stream make it a natural fit for the gambling conglomerate to buy out.


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