Bears WR Kevin White Describes Jay Cutler In A Way That Would Make The Bennett Brothers Proud

by | Aug 7, 2016 9 Football 9 Bears WR Kevin White Describes Jay Cutler In A Way That Would Make The Bennett Brothers Proud

Posted on August 7, 2016, by Travis Pulver

It can’t be easy to be Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. He is constantly blasted by the “so-called” fans and critics. People seldom have anything good to say about him, and he is constantly being made the subject of silly, little memes online. If he throws for 300 yards and four touchdowns in a game, people will not talk about how well he played, but how poorly he will likely play the following week.

You know, because the universe has to balance itself out.


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The poor guy doesn’t even get any professional courtesy from other players in the NFL. To be fair, occasionally, someone like Brandon Marshall will say something nice about him. But more often than not the comments are a lot more like the ones Michael and Martellus Bennett recently made.

If you didn’t see them, Michael called him the worst quarterback in the NFL (when you consider Mark Sanchez, Matt Schaub, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Mallett, and Geno Smith still have jobs that may be a little harsh). Martellus didn’t disagree with his brother but shared a little anecdote of his own (BearsWire):

“I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage.”

However, at the same time, life is pretty fantastic for “Smoking” Jay. He has a gorgeous wife, three beautiful kids, and makes an obscene amount of money no matter how bad he plays (he’s going into the third year of a $126 million contract that included $54 million guaranteed; he’ll make a base salary of $16 million this season). How many of us would sell our soul for such a charmed life?

So while all is good at the bank and home, how about work? Is he as bad as the Bennett Brothers made him out to be? Is he an aloof, jerk? An a-hole? Many would say yes, but according to second-year wide receiver Kevin White—no.

White, who has yet to catch a pass in an NFL game, has an entirely different image of Cutler than Bennett. However, the way White describes his quarterback sounds more like something you would expect to hear from one of the Bennett’s (Baskin):

“…He’s just a great guy. We need to clean Jay’s name up. He has a bad rep for no reason and I don’t like it. I came in and everyone was telling me, Jay’s an a–hole, you’re going to hate Cutler. I was like, I want to get to know this dude first. And it’s just not true at all. None of it. Jay is like the pretty girl that doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t go out, so nobody really knows that she’s pretty.”


Could it be that the world has drawn the wrong conclusions about Jay Cutler? Does he just appear not to care? Is he secretly contemplating the meaning of life and whether the Butterfly Effect is real?

Whether that is the case may not be something Bears fans have to worry about for much longer. After this season, his cap hit—should he be released—will only be $2 million. Should the team do bad enough that it is in a position to draft Deshaun Watson or Baker Mayfield next year, they may be willing to give the pretty girl $2 million to buy some makeup on his way out of town.


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