Brandon Blick

Brandon has been a professional handicapper and sports bettor for 8-years. A self-made handicapper, Blick built his fortune from betting his picks and parlays over the last two decades. Specializing in both pro and college football, Blick is a heavy hitter with his daily wagers ranging in the 5-figure range.

Career Betting Record by League

NFL 2021-22


CBB 2021-22


CFB 2021


MLB 2021


Career Betting Record by League

  • 68% Winners in NFL Playoffs
  • 66% on Prime Rated Wagers
  • 63% CBB STREAK
  • +52 UNITS in CBB 
  • +91 UNITS in last 180 days

Best Win/Loss Record

SPORT           BET         DATE         UNITS

NFL                 All            2022          +614

CBB              Totals        2021          +226

NBA                All            2022          +184

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