Craziest (Stupidest) Prop Bets of NFL Super Bowl LIII

by | Jan 29, 2019 9 Football 9 Craziest (Stupidest) Prop Bets of NFL Super Bowl LIII
Super Bowl - NFL

The Super Bowl is the most widely bet-on event in the United States in any given year. Literally, billions of dollars will be wagered on this contest, as those who love to bet on sporting events will try to determine who will win this game and how many points will be scored.

There are also a large number of unusual bets that one can wager on, referred to as prop bets. These include such things as the number of passing yards for each team and each quarterback, who will score first, even who will win the coin toss.

While these bets make some sense, there are some really crazy ones, or shall we say stupid ones that you can bet your money on as well. Here are some of the goofiest for the upcoming Super Bowl.

Which Commercial Will Occur First?

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Super Bowl commercials have become the highlight of the Super Bowl for many fans. They also are a big part of the advertising plan for most major companies, as these organizations will literally spend millions of dollars for a 30-second advertisement during the biggest television event of the year.

Not only is the appearance of a business’ or organization’s commercial important, but when that commercial is played is also essential. The order of when these commercials will appear is determined by the network and the amount of money that the company paid, but here are the odds on what you can expect to be the first ad shown during the Super Bowl:

Bud Light – -105
Budweiser – +200
Stella Artois – +550
Michelob Ultra – +500
Bon & Viv Spiked Seitzer – +550

Which Soda Commercial Will Appear First?

Coke and Pepsi routinely have a prominent place in the Super Bowl. Both companies spend a large amount of their ad revenue to make sure that their message gets out during this contest. Here are the odds of which soda pop maker will have their ad appear first:

Coke – -170
Pepsi – +130

Will a Fan Jump onto the Field During the Game?

Some people don’t just want to be at the event; they want to be a part of it. There are a lot of glory hogs out there who would love to have their moment in the sun by jumping onto the field during the game. Here are the odds that will occur:

Yes – +500
No – -900

Will Donald Trump be at the Game?

No sitting president has ever attended a Super Bowl game before, but that has not stopped oddsmakers from believing that Donald Trump could be the first. Here are those odds:

Yes – +400
No – -700

What will Happen to Bitcoin? The Stock Market?

For some reason, there are those out there who actually believe that the Super Bowl is somehow influencing the financial markets.  That this is occurring with both bitcoin and the S&P 500 markets.

Starting with bitcoin, there are odds on what will happen to the price of this digital currency during the contest. The likelihood that bitcoin will rise in price during the game is set at -130 while the belief that it will drop in price during the contest is at -110.

How about that S&P 500? Not only do oddsmakers think the Super Bowl can influence the market, but the winner of the game can also do so. For example, if the Patriots win the odds of the S&P closing higher on February 4 is set at +200, while a Rams victory has the S&P closing higher with odds set at +270.

Will a Player Propose to His Girlfriend on the Field Following the Game?

We close with a little bit of a romantic wager you can place, but still one that doesn’t really seem to be related to the Super Bowl in any way. With so much craziness going on around the stadium following the end of the Super Bowl, it would seem that this would be a frivolous wager, but oddsmakers have set odds at +300 that a player will propose to his girlfriend on the field following the Super Bowl, with the unlikelihood of that occurring being set at -500.

The Super Bowl is truly a spectacle, and now you can find some ways to make a quick buck on the spectacles that surround this contest.


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