How Confident Are You In the Packers And Patriots This Week?

by | Nov 2, 2019 9 Football 9 How Confident Are You In the Packers And Patriots This Week?

Posted on November 2, 2019, by Travis Pulver

There are few things fans can count on in the NFL, but they know they can count on the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots to be two of the best teams in the league year in and year out. This year, of course, is no different. But they aren’t perfect by any means.

Green Bay appears to have gotten over their early-season struggles on offense. New England seems to be settling in as a defensive powerhouse this season. The Packers have lost one; the Patriots haven’t lost.

While their competition is not going to be easy this week, with their record and how they are playing this season, it should be safe to bet on them—right?

Neither is favored by a wide margin (Packers by four over the Chargers; Patriots by three over the Ravens) this week. So, there is a chance they could lose, but you could say that about any game in any given week. But they are the better team in their respective matchups and should win.

Should you choose to bet on either, as the favorites, the money line is in the negative (Packers -200; Patriots -165).  That means you will have to bet $200 on the Packer just to win $100 (and $165 on the Patriots to win $100).

Of course, to take either bet, you are likely going to be feeling confident your team is going to win. But if you feel optimistic about both, why not take both to win and increase your potential payout?

The Bet is offering the following booster:

  • Packers -3.5 and Patriots -3 Both to Cover (Boosted From +300) +320

 So—how should you bet?

Green Bay has the easier matchup between the two. But with how the Chargers have bee struggling lately, it is not hard to see the Packer winning by at least four points (probably more like 7-10). The Los Angeles defense is not playing well enough to give Aaron Rodger too much of a challenge.

However, if Philip Rivers can get hot, the Packers could be in for a long day (but he’s as unpredictable as they come this season). But it will be a lot tougher for the Patriots to cover the spread against Baltimore. Brady and the New England offense isn’t quite as dynamic as it has been in recent years. It is still one of the better ones in the NFL, just not great.

New England has been carried by their defense, who will face an incredible challenge in defending against Lamar Jackson. They have been one of the better run defenses this season (fourth; 85.3 yards/game allowed). But can they defend against the pass and then still stop Jackson when he scrambles and then decides to run?

That will be the key to the game. Baltimore has a good defense, but the Patriots are going to score points. However, what we don’t know is how many the Ravens will score. Maybe New England’s defense can shut down Jackson; maybe they can’t.

How should you bet? Well–if you are going to bet on either game, you might as well bet on both. So, take the booster offered at It is not a lock to win, but it probably will. Green Bay will hold up its end. New England should, too, but it might be close.

It will likely be apparent inside the first quarter how the Ravens-Patriots game will play out.        


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