How to Bet on NFL Games in Las Vegas

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Are you ready for some football?  With NFL training camps getting underway, is now less than two months before the season gets underway. Perfect time to start building your strategies on how you will make the best wagers to earn yourself some money.

For those who aren’t able to place bets within their state, the best option available to you may be to head for Las Vegas. There you can find an abundance of casinos ready to accept your bet, so here is a guide that can help you to bet on NFL games while visiting “Sin City.”

Going Online

While gambling on sporting events may not be legal with your state, at least not directly in the state, there may be options available to you that allow you to sit at home and still place a wager on your favorite contest. This can be done through online sportsbooks.

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Of course, to use one of these websites or mobile applications they must be legal within your state or the state you are in at the time. What you are likely to find is that if it is not legal there, the then you are unable to access the application. However, before deciding to place a bet you should check to make sure that it is legal to use these online applications to place a wager.

Great Sites Available

There are several sites that are available to place a wager. Many of these are directly associated with a casino in Las Vegas, including the Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas Sportsbook, Aria Resort and Casino, and Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel.

There are a great many benefits that come with using one of these online sites. It starts with the fact that all of them offer sign-up bonuses. You may find that for every dollar you deposit in your account initially that the site will match that amount, usually up to $500. That means your $500 instantly becomes $1000.

There are other promotions that are included as well. You may find that there are such things as no-risk betting, as well as rewards for creating an account in using their site.

Caesars, for example, offers a mobile betting app that is available for both iOS and Android phones. Customers are able to simply download the app and register with the site. They then can deposit funds using several different common methods, including credit card, PayPal, and NETELLER. This app offers a bonus of up to $300 for your first deposit.

Registration is usually quite easy through the sites. Users then create an account, which allows them to store their money with the site as well as to conduct wagers and transactions. It is a very easy process and allows you to be able to make bets from the privacy of your own home.

Once again, you may find that if the app does not allow you access that you are unable to use the app in the state where you reside.

Live and In-Person

While you may like staying at home, there is truly nothing like Sin City – live and in person. The city is truly something spectacular, and Las Vegas offers a number of great benefits that go beyond gambling. There is literally just about anything for just about anybody to do.

Of course, you are looking to bet on your favorite NFL game or games. Going to Las Vegas not only affords you the opportunity to make wagers, but you can do so living large. Many of the casinos in the area offer fantastic accommodations that allow you to watch every game.

Multiple TVs, stats and information displays, and much more make this an experience one truly can’t imagine unless you are sitting there. Plus, you can see all the live action of other sporting events if you so desire.

Make Your Bets Please

There is one of two ways that you can place a wager at the casino. You can simply place the bet with the cashier, or you can choose to set up an account and place a bet. Setting up an account is always the best option, as there are usually several different bonuses and perks that come with creating an account.

Much like the online options, you are likely to receive first-time deposit bonuses, loyalty points, and much more. You get information on events happening in Las Vegas and may even win prizes beyond your wagers. It truly is a smart idea to set up an account.

There are several great casinos in Las Vegas that allow you to place wagers. They provide unbelievable accommodations while you watch the games.

What to Look for in a Casino

The great thing about Las Vegas is that there is an assortment of establishments that offer you the opportunity to gamble on your favorite events. What that tells you is that you have choices.

You don’t simply have to go with the casino you are staying in, select the first one you find, or go with the most popular choice. You can choose the casino that is best for you to place your wagers.

This is why it pays to get a little information so that you can make an informed choice. You want to consider important factors before deciding where you will spend your afternoon watching and betting on NFL games.


While size doesn’t necessarily matter in many instances, it can be important in the sportsbook you select. The reason that size matters is because a smaller area will mean fewer seats.

In many casinos, if you don’t arrive at least an hour before game time you may not find a spot to sit comfortably and enjoy the game. This makes it important to either arrive early or to make sure you choose an accommodation that has ample seating available.

TV Displays

The TV displays matter as well. Some casinos offer dozens of screens that are showing every sporting event as they happen. This allows you to not only watch a couple of games, but to watch horseracing, NASCAR, hockey, or any other sporting events.

Where the seating is in relation to the TV displays is important as well. You want to be close to the action, so choosing a facility that offers multiple screenings of the same game may be necessary.

Customer Service

This not only includes how you are treated when you place wagers but also by the staff waiting on you. You want a group that will get food or drinks for you if you so desire, allowing you to stay in your seat and enjoy the action. Slow service can mean you have to get up, which can ruin your day. Choose a casino that is interested in treating you like an MVP.

Promotions and Bonuses

Several of the casino choices you will find offer great perks and bonuses. This can mean free drinks for wagers of $100 or more. You can get bonuses for deposit amounts, how many wagers you make, or the total amount of wagers. Look into these kinds of things before making your choice.

The Top Choices

Here is a list of seven of the best choices available to you should you decide to place your wager in Las Vegas.

Book at the Linq

This sportsbook opened in September 2018, just before the NFL season got underway. What makes that significant is that it has the latest advancements, bells and whistles, and other perks you want in a luxury casino area.

You would not believe the number of screens that are available to watch your favorite game, and they have some of the most comfortable seating available. There are numerous couches, and television sets are set up in squared areas, meaning you can watch your favorite games no matter where you sit yet still have a great view.

The food and drink are fantastic. The entire atmosphere makes this one of the top casinos you can visit to place your wager.

MGM Grand Race & Sports Book

This is one of the most commonly known casinos in Las Vegas. While it is a smaller sized sportsbook area in comparison to some of the other options listed in this review, you should not let size be a factor for you. There are three big-screen televisions and 34 other smaller sized TVs. This allows you to watch the game of your choice in a comfortable chair, and there are plenty of cashiers ready to take your wager.

In addition, the casino offers six large screens displaying stats, scores, and other information related to every game going on at the time. It is a smaller sized area, meaning that seating is limited, so you do need to get there early in the day if this is the casino of your choice.

Westgate Las Vegas Superbook

This is another facility that has been recently renovated, adding nearly 4500 square feet of the television display area and over 400 seats. The atmosphere is fantastic and has become one of the more popular locations for sports gambling enthusiasts to choose in Las Vegas. Great service and a fantastic atmosphere.

Planet Hollywood

This is another smaller sized sportsbook, but it does offer a great experience. There are over 30 television sets, including two extra large-sized screens for the biggest games of the day. The seats are comfortable, and the staff is great. Plus, there are display screens throughout the casino area that allow you to see stats and information updated continuously.

The sports ticket tellers are also extremely generous with drink tickets, giving you one drink ticket for every $100-$150 that you wager.

Caesar’s Palace

This is one of the most well-known locations for placing your favorite NFL bet. The sportsbook area was renovated in 2015, and the new look is exactly what you may be looking for. There are a number of large-screen TVs that are available, and you receive a free drink for every single $125 bet you make. The services are the absolute best and the atmosphere is fantastic.

MGM Mirage

MGM has some great facilities throughout Las Vegas, and this is one of their best. They have a large seating area that enables you to be quite comfortable during games, and several large screen TVs make it so you can watch any game of your choice in comfort.

You are given one drink for every $500 you bet.

Wynn Race & Sports Book

One thing you will love about this sportsbook is that there is a panorama of screens that circles 180° of the room. This allows you to easily view any game of your choice or all games of your choice for that matter. There are plenty of USB ports and electrical outlets to recharge your phone, and the service they provide is amazing.


The Venetian offers you the capability of watching 42 events at one time. They have 118 betting stations, allowing you to wager as you wish. A great look, a comfortable atmosphere, and great service is available.

There is truly a lot to like about betting on your favorite game in Las Vegas. You can still enjoy this option sitting at home using one of the mobile apps or going through the website but, if you can get out to Las Vegas, you should go. There is truly no experience like it, and you can have the NFL Sunday of a lifetime.


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