How to Use Betting Trends to Make Better NBA Choices

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NBA Betting Trends

If you have been involved in placing bets for some time, you probably already understand that looking at the latest trends can help you to make a more informed choice. The more you know, the more likely you are to succeed. This is where information becomes absolutely crucial.

The more information you have the more likely you are to make better choices when it comes to the wagers you place on NBA contests. Knowing such information as injuries, slumps, and off-court issues can be vital. However, maybe no information is more important than the betting trends.

It Pays to Follow the Trends

Betting trends can be of great help when placing a wager. They tell you a lot about how things are going for a particular team, maybe how things are going in the NBA as a whole. This is where you need to start understanding how to use these betting trends to your advantage.

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What is important to understand about these betting trends is that they can often tell you a lot about how a particular NBA season is going. For example, home teams may be struggling early on. The trend develops to start choosing road teams and the points they are offered because home teams are not dominating as they once were.

This is a kind of betting trend that you want to pay attention to. Look to see how teams within the NBA are performing, as this can give you a clear choice as to where you should place your wager.

Let’s look at another set of betting trends you may want to pay attention to. This is when a team is performing particularly well against one set of lines. For example, Boston may be doing great against the spread over the last three years. That is a trend that you should consider when placing your bet.

Use Betting Trends to Increase Your Chances for Success

These betting trends can be incredibly helpful to you if applied correctly. The best way they can do that is by giving you options you may not have considered before.

Consider that you are looking at the line for Friday night’s game between Philadelphia and Washington. Washington is favored by three, but the trends don’t give you any real indicator of how you should place your wager on this contest. Philadelphia has been solid on the road, while Washington has not really dominated in their arena.

Looking at other types of betting trends can help you to take your focus off one particular wager and place it squarely on another where you have a better chance for success. Washington may be scoring on average 104.7 points per game over their last 11 contests at home. The trend for the 76ers may be that they are giving up 107 points per game on average over their last 14 games on the road.

If the over/under for Washington in this contest is 104, that may be a smart bet for you. The betting trends tell you that this is the smarter place to wager your money.

Watch the Schedules and Opponents

As you are looking at different betting trends one part that people often neglect is the opponents and the schedule of the NBA team during the trend. Here’s a good example.

Philadelphia may be averaging 108 points per game during a six-game winning streak. However, all six of those games may have been against Eastern Conference teams where the 76ers had to travel no more than 100 miles to play a game.

Now, they head to the West Coast. Maybe the Los Angeles Clippers are not better than New York, New Jersey, Washington, and Milwaukee, but the extended travel can be a factor. What you may need to do is expand your betting trends beyond those six games. You may need to look at how Philadelphia performs in the first contest of a five-game road trip through California, Arizona, and Denver.

You may also need to expand your betting trends if the schedule shifts in terms of how many games are being played for the team. If Philadelphia has a six-game winning streak where they have had at least two days off between every contest, you may not be able to give as much weight to that trend if they are in the second game of back-to-back nights.

Once again, expand your betting trends. Look for how well Philadelphia has performed in back-to-back nights. Look for how well their opponent has performed against teams playing on back-to-back nights when they have had the previous night off before the contest.

What is important to understand is that people who are the most successful in using NBA betting trends are those who have dug deeper into the numbers to be able to come up with smart bets. Don’t simply get caught up in a team’s recent slump or their performance at home over the last 10 games and believe that’s the only trends you need to follow.

Always consider such things as schedule, travel, home vs. away, how they have performed against the spread, how they have performed against particular opponents, and even what time of day the game is being played. Some teams get a lot more excited for those 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon contests. Know your teams and you will have better success.


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