Jambos Picks, We Review Michael Schwimers Betting Service

by | Dec 23, 2019

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Whether you checked on Reddit, Crunchbase, or Twitter it looks like former Major League Baseball Pitcher Michael Schwimer’s sports betting advice service. Previously he started up an investment service for minor league baseball players. Apparently that venture didn’t work and so he’s using his analytical and sports background to try and beat the bookmakers.

The Big Gamble on Minor League Sports

The now 33 year old former relief pitcher from the Philadelphia Phillies created Big League Advance. A three-year-old company that has raised over $150 million from private investors to fund its novel business model: “The company offers baseball players lump-sum payments now in exchange for an agreed-upon share of any future MLB salary.”

Where and when things split off from betting on minor league players to betting on sports is unknown and phone calls to Big League Advance and Schwimer’s agent were not returned by the time this story broke the news.

Schwimers New Betting Service Sells Picks via Jambospicks.com

The newest betting trend is to sell betting advice. As we’ve seen with Vegas Dave and Jon Price arguably the two biggest betting services in the country Schwimer is looking to get into the action with some no risk picks. The reviews however and stats so far don’t look great when reviewed.

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For up to $3.00 per pick and a calculation of only 1 unit per game and they guarantee that the units are positive but if it’s negative they will give you up to $10,000 for your picks if they’re not profitable. They want you to commit for 17 weeks and plans start at $250 for a shorter time period. The saying outsmarting the sports market together but where Schwimer misses the mark is you’d be hemorrhaging money that would otherwise be spent betting on bigger and better plays than to bet on every game on the board.

As he posted on twitter his revord was 13-18 losing 6.68 units between College Basketball Picks and NFL Picks.

What is worse is that he compares it to the public Picks and BetCris showing that betting 3,500 different plays is actually going to cost you units (and have the need for a large bankroll to bet on each and every game on the board each day).

While the idea is very novel and we like it in theory and practicality it doesn’t work.


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