LaVar Ball Could Cost His Son His Dream Job With The Lakers

by | Jun 4, 2017 9 Basketball 9 LaVar Ball Could Cost His Son His Dream Job With The Lakers

Posted on June 4, 2017, by Travis Pulver

One of the many jobs of a parent is to be their child’s biggest cheerleader. Parents are supposed to support their kids. They should do what they can to help them as they pursue the things they are passionate about in life. They are not supposed to make their child’s pursuit their own. Parents are not supposed to overshadow their child. They should never stand in the way or make it harder for kids to pursue their dreams.

LaVar Ball could be doing just that for his son and soon to be NBA lottery pick (maybe), Lonzo Ball.

Via @LakersGrrrrl

LaVar Ball is the definition of a helicopter parent on steroids. His son should be making all the media appearances and talking about what he’ll bring to an NBA roster. But it has been his dad instead. LaVar has been busy making all the headlines when it should be his son.

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He’s disrespected some of the NBA’s greatest players. He’s cost his son a multi-million dollar shoe contract (first $10 million and then $20 million). For some crazy reason, he thought he could demand Jordan-type money, $1 billion (and then changed his mind and demanded $3 billion). He has said his son will refuse to work out for anyone other than the Lakers (and maybe the 76ers).

Oh—and there’s the ridiculous price he’s put on a pair of Big Baller Brand shoes ($495).

LaVar Ball has been antagonistic towards some of the most influential members of the media. Some people have probably heard more about him than they have his son. LaVar has made Lonzo’s pursuit of his dream more about LaVar then anything else

No team likes to invite drama into its locker room. But LaVar Ball has made it clear that whoever drafts his son will be getting plenty of drama—they’ll be getting him along with his son.

If you can believe some of the rumors making the rounds in the media, he could end up keeping his son more than just a shoe deal. He may be why the Lakers decide to pass on Lonzo Ball.

According to reports, LaVar is part of the reason the Lakers are not sold on his son just yet. They are concerned about LaVar, but they are also not convinced that Lonzo has what it takes to be a star in the NBA. Rumor has it that Lonzo will have to blow the Lakers away during his upcoming workout to convince them he’s worth taking with the No. 2 pick

There is an excellent chance they could just go with Kansas forward Josh Jackson or Kentucky guard De’Aaron Fox.

But would the Lakers—or anyone else—actually pass on a player with Lonzo’s talent because of his father? Philadelphia 76ers adviser Jerry Colangelo doesn’t think so (ESPN):

“I think Ball is a terrific prospect and could have an outstanding NBA future,” Colangelo told the Carlin and Reese radio show on 94 WIP. “I think it’s going to be challenging with the people around him, without being specific.

“And yet, I don’t think teams should bypass the player because they have those concerns. At the end of the day, what wins in this league is talent, and this is a very talented young man.”

Then again, maybe Lonzo’s dream job isn’t with the Lakers. Maybe he just wants to play in the NBA and will be happy wherever he lands.


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