NFL’s Ezekiel Elliot Investigation May Soon Be Coming To An End

by | Jul 21, 2017 9 Football 9 NFL’s Ezekiel Elliot Investigation May Soon Be Coming To An End

Posted on July 21, 2017, by Travis Pulver

It’s been said before, but it appears as if this time it may actually be true. Fans of the Dallas Cowboys could find out soon what fate is in store for their star running back, Ezekiel Elliot. According to a story posted at, the league may finally be wrapping up its investigation into the Cowboys running back.

Over the weekend, it was reported by several outlets that Elliot and his people were working on a response to some of the concerns that were still lingering for the league. But it appears that the investigation is finally nearing completion.

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Should that be the case, we can only hope a resolution to the case is soon to follow.

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What that resolution will be remains to be seen. In Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero’s story at, they say sources that have seen a report of the investigation’s findings did not include any possible discipline recommendations.

If there is going to be any punishment, it is hard to say what it should be. The domestic violence accusations were never proven. Authorities in Ohio did not think there was a case. Other than that, the only other legal issue he is facing is a speeding ticket.

He wasn’t charged with any crime for pulling a woman’s top down during a St. Patrick’s Day parade. He was not charged with anything for allegedly breaking the nose of a patron at a local Dallas bar either.

Has he done some stupid things? Absolutely—but is being an idiot a violation under the CBA? If so, half the league could be suspended.

But the league has been taking a few liberties when it comes to doling out punishment in recent years. The case against Tom Brady was far from conclusive. Terrelle Pryor was punished for something he did in college. Since Goodell has made erred on the side of punishment before, many owners are expecting him to do it again.

“This is what’s happening with Ezekiel Elliott right now, I was told yesterday. There are other owners — this happens every single day I was told, because I said how often do owners rat on other owners, and I was told every day,” Dan Patrick said Thursday morning during his daily radio show (h/t CBSSports). “Somebody has something to say that someone is getting away with something.”

The question then becomes whether Goodell wants to drop the metaphorical hammer on one of the new faces of the league. But then again, he had no trouble dropping it on Tom Brady…

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Should the case end soon, there is no telling when Elliot will serve whatever punishment is handed down. That will be determined by whether the NFLPA and/or Jerry Jones decide to fight the NFL’s decision.

There is no definitive proof that Elliot has done anything the league typically punishes players for doing. Rumor has it, if the league does anything it will be under the umbrella of an accumulation of offenses and questionable behavior.

But if the league is allowed to punish for the perception of wrongdoing, where does it stop?


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