Phil Steele Picks and ESPN’s Returning Starters Showcases Why You Follow Handicappers

by | Dec 12, 2019 9 Basketball 9 Phil Steele Picks and ESPN’s Returning Starters Showcases Why You Follow Handicappers

Phil Steele is nationally recognized as one of the greatest football handicappers and analysts in the country. Phil has been around the game of football for most of his professional career as he started as a prominent sports writer and analyst, and eventually grew his connections and sources to become one of the best college and pro football pickers against the spread in the industry of sports handicapping. Not only is he well-respected around the sports handicapping circles, but he’s also so successful and established as a sportswriter and analyst that he’s on the voting committee for pretty much every prestigious college football award, including the biggest of them all, the Heisman Trophy.

Phil is very recognizable to much of America, especially around the sporting industry as he’s been on both TV and radio for the better part of the last 25 years. His annual college football preseason magazine known as “Phil Steele’s College Football Preview,” is considered by many to be the College Football Bible, and is one of the things he’s best known for. He writes the magazine almost entirely by himself, and in it he offers everything from in-depth breakdowns and strategies on who to bet in the up and coming College Football season.

On Phil’s website, he offers a variety of packages and game breakdowns for both the college and pro games of football, as well as a number of his own publications that he produces.  Not only does he have a strong presence with his website, but he’s also featured on a broad variety of other media on the internet from Youtube to Twitter and everything in between. On his Youtube channel Phil breaks down each week’s top selections that he’s handpicked and potential big plays against the spread for his followers to take advantage of. His videos get thousands of views from across the country from sport betting fans who appreciate and even wager on Phil’s insight into the weekly pro and college football games.

In addition to making regular appearances on his Youtube channel, Phil also stays active on Twitter where he posts everything from sports betting picks to sports news and updates. Phil has over 24,000 Twitter followers who follow his stream of reporting and inside betting information. He’s a reliable source for insider college football news and has been known to give out occasional free picks or leans. Now the NBA and College Basketball picks he gives out aren’t always winners and have a lower return on investment compared to Jon Price’s betting picks but still they are above par. Example the Lakers vs. Magic Twitter feed was going wild tonight and those who took the second half play made 3x their money.

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Among his TV appearances, weekly videos on Youtube, and daily tweets on Twitter, Phil is most prominently known for his nationally syndicated weekly radio appearances across the country from WKNR in Cleveland, Ohio, WFNZ 610 AM in Charlotte, North Carolina, 610 Kansas City, ESPN 700 Salt Lake City, Utah, to CBS Sports and Fox Sports Radio. He’s been featured on major national platforms such as ESPN and Unlike many sports handicappers who give out free insight into weekly betting action, Phil will regularly go very in-depth with his analysis of college and pro football games against the spread and offer his listeners a little more than just a fleeting hunch or feeling on a game. Phil backs up his consistent winning picks with information, knowledge, and the experience of being a sports industry insider for the better part of the last 25 years.

Chances are that if you’ve bet on a football game over the last few decades, then you probably have heard of Phil Steele and his lengthy, reputable reputation. Some have even gone on record to praise Phil and the work he does, one of the more notable figures was Chris Stassen, who is the owner of, and he’s personally tracked College Football handicappers his entire professional career. In regards of Phil Steele, Chris said that Phil’s preseason College Football Preview Magazine had the most accurate predictions in all of the sports handicapping industry. Currently, Phil is a full time employee of ESPN, the worldwide sports reporting juggernaut, and he’s writes daily articles and even makes occasional appearances on their top rated daily sports news show, SportsCenter.

With another College Bowl season upon us, Phil is busy at work breaking down the upcoming College Championship Playoffs. We’ve seen a lot of big headlines and story lines this year from Jalen Hurts transfer from Alabama to Oklahoma and leading them to the College Playoffs, as well as Alabama not making the Playoff for the first time since it began. Now is the best time of the year to follow Phil at and on twitter @PhilSteele042.


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