Should The Dallas Cowboys Pursue Darrelle Revis?

by | Jun 11, 2017 9 Football 9 Should The Dallas Cowboys Pursue Darrelle Revis?

Posted on June 11, 2017, by Travis Pulver

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been known to grab the media’s attention from time to time for doing all sorts of things. He did so once again recently, but for something that was harmless—a tweet. But if the Cowboys were to follow up on his tweet, they could find the missing piece of the puzzle for their secondary.

What was the tweet? He tried to recruit free agent defensive back Darrelle Revis.

Via @Tw1tterDemise

He wasn’t real flamboyant or anything with what he said. He just tried to float something out there for Revis to ponder:

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Dallas?” Bryant wrote to Revis. “I promise you are going to love what we got going on around here..your attitude fits our culture…waiting…..”

Of course, the multi-million question is should the Cowboys have any interest in Revis. If it were the 2013, ’14, or even ’15 version of him the answer would be an easy one. Then again, he would not still be on the market had he played like one of the best defensive backs in the league (like in 2013 and ’14) or even just a good one (like in ’15).

There is no way to describe his 2016 season other than to say he was terrible. The man quarterbacks once avoided like the plague allowed a passer rating of 104.2 (according to Pro Football Focus). Who the heck would want a guy like that on their roster?

Bryant is likely reaching out because he doesn’t believe Revis is like that or will be like that if someone gives him another chance. But why should anyone think he is anything more than what he showed on the field last season?

An argument could be made that the downfall began in 2015. According to Pro Football Focus, his rank dropped from No. 3 in 2014 to No. 31. Maybe last season’s fall to No. 63 was just a continuation of a decline that began the year before.

It isn’t unusual for players to see their game fall off after they turn 30, but plenty of guys play well into their 30’s without a problem. Those guys probably all take excellent care of their bodies, too. Last season, Revis admitted that his body was breaking down and even blamed his age as a factor in the breakdown.

But the hunger is supposedly still there. However, is Revis doing what he needs to do to earn a spot on someone’s roster? Rumor has it that his long-time trainer has not heard from him. So, unless he suddenly decided to switch trainers and the news has remained a secret—he’s not training.

So—in what world would pursuing an over-the-hill defensive back be a good idea for the Dallas Cowboys?

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It would only be an acceptable idea if Revis were willing to sign a contract with a minimum base salary and some incentive clauses he could earn. Revis may have no interest in that since the Jets will be paying him $6 million this season. Unless he signs for more than $6 million, he doesn’t earn a penny more.

Assuming he does take league minimum—why should the Cowboys want him?

If he can regain even a shade of his former self, he would be an asset to a young secondary. But his biggest contribution would come in the locker room, sideline, and practice field. Dallas will probably be playing the rookie defensive backs they drafted and second-year corner Anthony Brown quite a bit. How nice would it be for them to have a guy who has forgotten more about playing defensive back working with them on the sideline?

It would be great, and if he can contribute on the field as well—fantastic!

But would he be willing to accept a role like that? We’ll never know if Dallas doesn’t offer it.


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