The Best Online Sportsbooks for Betting NBA Games in the USA

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Betting NBA

The NBA has become a popular league for gamblers across the country. With so many games, it is easy to find two or three contests that are attractive to most who like to wager on any given night. Plus, it is fairly easy to figure out how to bet on the sport. There aren’t a lot of complicated equations that have to be determined as to who will win games or by how much.

While the sport offers a great multitude of games and prop bets, the truth is that not every sportsbook is the same. In some states you may be limited on where you can go to place a bet on NBA games, but there are some areas of the country where there are a number of online sportsbooks available.

This leaves you looking for the best choice for where to place your bet. It would help to know what are the very best, so here is a list of some you may want to consider.

A Note Before We Continue

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Before specifically addressing which are the best online sportsbooks in the country, it is important to make one point. While it may be a good idea to choose one sportsbook where you will place a large number of bets, the best practice is to choose a few different ones to do business with.

The reason is that not every line or spread will be the same. You may find that some bonuses or incentives are better at one online sportsbook as compared to others. There are some factors that can make it so that selecting one site over another for a particular set of contests is to your advantage. This is why, if it is possible, you should set up accounts at a few different online sportsbooks.

How We Chose

Before specifically addressing the best online sportsbooks in the USA, we wanted to provide you with factors that helped us determine our list. These included a few different factors, including:

Betting Options – Depending upon how much you like to bet on the NBA, you may be interested in placing wagers on much more than who wins the game. Several of the online sportsbooks offer prop bets, which can be a great way to make money. Others offer parlays, and then there is the fact that you may want to bet on more than just the NBA. Having a sportsbook that can accommodate all of your gambling needs is important.

Security – This is a big one. You want to have confidence that your account is safe, your information won’t be hacked, and that the website protects and provides the proper security measures. Most understand that the Internet can be a dangerous place when there is money involved. There are a lot of people who would love to access somebody’s online gaming account, so you want to have confidence that the online sportsbooks you are working with are providing the maximum level of security.

Ease of Use – A site or app that is difficult to use will make it difficult to enjoy your time on the site, maybe even make it difficult to place wagers. For that reason, you want to ensure that the interface is easy to use and is appealing. If you are a diehard NBA gambler, the last thing you want is to be staring at an ugly application or website for hours every day. In this case, looks can matter.

Bonuses – Some online sportsbooks draw customers in to a multitude of bonus programs. This is one of the primary reasons why it pays for you to use two or three different sites. The more bonuses you can receive, the more money you have available to you.

…And the Choices

BetNow – There is a lot to like about this site. It starts with the fact that their sign-up bonus matches 50% for an initial deposit of the thousand dollars. That is $500 extra in your account, which is difficult to match.

BetNow allows you to bet on almost all American sporting events, and many international ones as well. You can make both prop and parlay bets, and they provide comparable odds and spreads to the other sites. The interface is easy to use and is appealing. They provide solid security and offer several different deposit options, including the use of Bitcoin, e-wallets, and cash transfers.

MyBookie – This is another one of the online sportsbooks that offers a 50% match of your initial deposit up to $1000. They also offer the availability of betting on the vast majority of sporting events, and the interface is easy to navigate. The security is excellent and they provide a multitude of deposit options. Definitely a good choice.

Intertops – This is an online sportsbook that you may not be familiar with, but there is a lot to like about them. They offer betting on all of the major sporting events, including e-sports. There are over 4000 wagers that are available each and every day. They offer both a mobile app and a desktop version. One thing that we really liked was that they offered a 100% matching bonus for deposits up to $500. In this way, you got the same bonus as you would from the first two and our list by only having to deposit half of what they were requiring.

5Dimes – This is one of the most widely recognized and popular online sportsbooks you will find. They cover all of the major college and professional sporting events in the United States, as well as the vast majority of international events. They even cover chess!

The bonus is 50% up to your initial deposit of $520. An equal amount percentage-wise to most of the other options available to you. They provide optimal security and their customer service is sensational.

This should help to get you started. If these online sportsbooks are available to you, you should seriously consider them to be your place to make bets on the NBA.


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