Think You Can Trust The New York Jets This Week?

by | Nov 2, 2019 9 Football 9 Think You Can Trust The New York Jets This Week?

Posted on November 2, 2019, by Travis Pulver

It has been a rough season for the New York Jets. It began full of hope and promise but then quickly spiraled out of control when Sam Darnold came down with mono. Since his return, they have managed to win a game. But then things took another turn for the worse, leading to a line by Sam Darnold that is starting to define the Jets season.

“I’m seeing ghosts.”

But Darnold and the Jets have a favorable matchup this week; one even they should have a hard time losing—the Miami Dolphins. According to DraftKings, the Jets are 3.5-point favorites, and the money line for them is set at -177.0 for the Jets and +155 for the Dolphins.

So—can you trust the Jets to win?

While the team did look great against the Dallas Cowboys, they were a disaster against the Patriots and not much better against the Jaguars last week. Darnold only threw three interceptions against the Jags after throwing four against the Pats. But then he was also sacked eight times.

Seeing ghosts again, maybe? If so, he was smart enough not to admit it.

Sometimes what a team needs is to play a team like the Dolphins; one that everyone can beat-up on, to get things back on track. It’s why some college teams like to schedule a soft opponent late in the regular season; it gives them a chance to work anything out that may have developed into a ‘thing’ versus an easy, non-threatening opponent.

From what we have seen all season, the Dolphins are the definition of a non-threatening opponent. Then again, they did give the Steelers a run for their money in the first half last week. But if they can play like that against a weaker opponent (like the Jets), there is an outside shot they could steal a win.

Betting Options For New York Jets Supporters

If you do believe in the Jets this week, there are ways to win a little more than just the money line. You can take on one of the parlay boosters offered by

  • Texans and Jets Both to Win (Boosted From +180)            +200
  • Giants and Jets Both to Win (Boosted From +470)             +500
  • Giants, Jets, and Eagles All to Win (Boosted From +725)  +755
  • Eagles and Jets Both to Win (Boosted From +125)             +145
  • Jets and Patriots Both to Win (Boosted From +150)          +170
  • Jets and Cowboys Both to Win (Boosted From +100)        +120   

The Texans are only a 1.5-point favorite over the Jaguars, making the first one unadvisable. While the payout would be nice if the Giants could beat the Cowboys (and if the Eagles should win), it is highly unlikely they will.   

Philadelphia could beat the Bears Sunday, but a win is far from a lock with how they have played this season. However, New England is favored, but the Ravens could score the upset. But the Cowboys should beat the Giants.

While +120 is not much of a payout, it is better than the -180 is offering on the Jets.

However, if you don’t have any faith in the New York Jets or Darnold, consider taking the Dolphins to win at +155 at DraftKings) and the booster they are offering:

  • Sam Darnold To See Ghosts: Sam Darnold to throw over 1.5 Interceptions (11/3)               +330

The Jets only have two on the season, but Darnold has thrown seven in the last two games. There may be more value with this bet than any other involving this game.


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