Todd Fuhrman Picks, Podcast, and More

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The sports handicapping industry is filled with sports minds who think they know it all and think they have all the connections in the world to produce consistent winners at a pace that nobody else can. From the Billy Walters to the Jon Prices of the sports betting industry, there’s been a few names that standout above the rest as being extremely gifted when it comes to predicting the outcome of sporting events. Arguably the most talented sports handicapping mind of our generation is a man who has made his name as being a Rain Man figure of sorts in today’s industry… That man is sports handicapper Todd Fuhrman.

Todd isn’t some no name, backstreet sports guru, he’s one of the most prominent sports handicappers and analysts in the world and he’s featured on a variety of sports television shows where they pick his brain for his insight on a variety of sports topics, mainly pertaining to sports betting and odds. He’s most notably known for his weekly appearances on Fox Sports where he’s considered to be an expert on all topics pertaining to sports betting and handicapping.

In a sports handicapping industry that has a lot of handicappers claiming superiority based on their instinctual sports picking ability or their sources and connections, Todd stands out from the rest as one of a kind. Todd Fuhrman is one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent minds in all of sports, let alone in the exclusive world of sports handicapping. There’s numerous stories around the internet of Todd showing off his sports knowledge by debating topics that he understands so much more thoroughly than anyone else in the room, it’s understandable why some consider him to be the Rain Man of the sports handicapping world.

Todd currently makes weekly appearances on the Fox Sports show called “Lock It In,” where he discusses the betting angles and story lines on each week’s games. He’s also the host and co-founder of the very popular podcast for sports betting and handicapping called “Bet The Board,” in addition to all of his Fox Radio appearances he makes on various syndicated sports talk shows.

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He originally got his start back in 2006 when he worked as an oddsmaker at Caesar’s Palace. Before taking the leap into sports handicapping and odds making, Fuhrman used to work as a financial analyst for Caesar’s where he helped them optimize their gaming in every possible facet from the table games to risk management and more. After a few years, Todd began to make a name for himself in the gaming industry, and eventually in the sports betting industry where he was destined for greatness.

Fuhrman’s passion for sports betting started way back during his youth while growing up in Chicago before moving to Massachusetts for his high school years. He used to study the sports odds in his local newspaper as a teenager and was even named by his high school class as the most likely to become a bookie. After high school, Fuhrman would go on to play junior hockey in Burlington, Vermont while earning his undergrad from Wesleyan University. He was a very good hockey player, as he was a letter winner for three straight years before skipping his senior year in order to study abroad in Sydney, Australia. Eventually, Todd’s path would land him in Las Vegas, the mecca of sports betting in the country, and that’s where he began to make his name in casino gaming and sports betting.

Todd has come a long way as he’s now considered to be one of the most brightest and gifted minds in all of sports. He’s known for his extensive in-depth knowledge of all sports and seems to outclass anyone who dares to enter a sports debate with him. Similar to how many people view Sean McVay, the LA Rams’ head coach, as being a sports nerd with lots of stats and random information, Todd is a wealth of knowledge on seemingly every sports topic. One conversation with Todd will leave you impressed and understanding of how he’s considered to be one of the most gifted minds in all of sports handicapping.

He’s been a hit ever since reaching the national big stage of television sports betting analysis and his show on Fox Sports, Lock It In has quickly grown in popularity to make Todd Fuhrman one of the most well recognized men in the sports betting industry. While many sports handicappers tout themselves as former oddsmakers and insiders, Todd is the real deal with the resume to prove it. He’s been a professional oddsmaker for one of Las Vegas’ most successful sports books and casinos and his talents have now landed him in the spotlight of one of America’s most popular sports television channels, Fox Sports.

In addition to being one of the most recognizable sports handicappers in the country from his time on television, Todd also host a very successful sports betting podcast where he discusses and breaks down the games from each and every week from all four of the major American sports, as well as horse racing. A jack of all trades and one of the smartest men in the room, Todd has been booming in popularity ever since he stepped on the scene a few years ago and his national acclaim only seems to be growing since getting his own show on Fox Sports. If you’re looking for late breaking, informative, insider information and analysis on all of this weeks games whether it be from baseball, football, hockey, basketball, or horse racing, Todd Fuhrman is the man you should listen to. His shows are always packed full with great information for any sports bettor looking to make informed wagers on the games, as well as insider tips on specific teams, players, or coaches that may tilt the outcome of a game in any given direction.

From Fox Sports to a few podcasts and other guest appearances on various networks and radio spots, Todd Fuhrman has quickly become one of the goto sources for all sports betting and handicapping information. His acute understanding and in-depth knowledge of stats and players in unlike any other that the sports betting world has ever seen. From professional oddsmaker to sports TV personality and handicapping guru, he’s as reputable of a source as you will find in all of the sports handicapping industry. Tune into Todd Fuhrman this week to hear his latest scoop on this week’s board of games and where he sees the most value for your money.

Also for those on Social Media it’s noted that Fuhrman has blocked us on Twitter for letting his followers know when he was incorrect on a public opinion. In addition we have not followed him on Instagram or Facebook.


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