What are the easiest sports to wager on? Here Are Five Easy Options!

by | May 24, 2019

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If you are new to betting on sports, then you, like millions of other novice sports enthusiasts, would undoubtedly feel curious about one question—What are the easiest sports to wager on?

There certainly are some sports that are easier to understand and simpler to bet upon as compared to others. However, before focusing on specific sports, it is crucial to realize that three essential parameters that will make a sport seem easy or hard for wagers.

Your Personal Interest

Love watching sports and want some extra excitement added to the game? Then analyzing the game, studying hypothetical scenarios and gameplays, understanding the odds of taking calculated risks will seem very easy and will become a favorite past time. Your love for the sport will help you track all the information relevant to placing smart bets without any difficulty.

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So, while you can search for answers for the query — ‘what are the easiest sports to wager on,’ it is equally important to choose a sport that you love and enjoy. Also finding one that can be profitable with the help of expert advice from the Sports Betting Legend Jon Price will help tremendously as well.

Popularity of the Sport

Any sport in the world and event can be bet on. The most popular in North America is NFL Football but worldwide it’s Soccer. Kho-kho is a traditional Indian sport while Jemparingan is a traditional Indonesian form of archery where archers sit cross-legged when releasing arrows. Now, do you think betting on such sports is feasible just because you like it?

Of course not. Sports betting is a mass phenomenon and the easiest sports to bet on are invariably those with a popular following. So, it should be a game loved by not just you but by the masses as well.

Keep it Simple

Kick a ball into the goal and prevent the opponent from doing so. That’s Soccer/futbol for you. Kick or run with the ball and score more points than the opponent—that’s American football. Now, is it possible to define or explain chess in a single sentence? Certainly not.

This is the third parameter. More straightforward the sport, easier will it be for you to understand and higher will be its overall popularity. Now that we have established the fundamental aspects of answering the question of what the easiest sports to wager on are let us focus on identifying the easiest sports for betting.

What are the Easiest Sports to Understand Wagers on? Focus on No Points Spreads

The key is less is more to understand simple bets. Just if team A wins you Win the bet. If you like to keep your betting strategies simple and prefer identifying potential winners and losers without getting too much into the technical details, then you ought to focus on sports that don’t offer point spreads.

Put, these are sports where winning or losing matters the most with very little importance attached to the points difference between the winning and losing side.

Boxing Is The Easiest Sport To Wager On

Boxing is an easy sport to bet on. Boxers may have an army of support staff but, ultimately, the game is all about two fighters slugging it out in the ring. All you need to do is analyze who has a better chance of knocking out the opponent or winning the bout on points, and you are well on your way to place a moneyline bet, i.e., a bet on the ultimate winner or loser of the match.

Nobody is going to get all excited over whether the winner outranked the loser by two or 20 points.

If you find the whole exercise of analyzing how the competitors scored and the number of points separating victory from defeat, then betting on boxing may seem very easy. What everybody cares about is who won the bout, and you can streamline your betting strategy accordingly.

Boxing allows you ample time to analyze all relevant factors before placing the bet. The boxer’s overall record, his/her record against the specific opponent, updates about the training regimen including choice of trainers, details of big contracts indicating the industry’s faith in the boxer’s abilities—all this information will be available in public domain for analysis.

Further, bets on the outcome apart, you can also place bets on who will win a specific round or even the type of punch that will result in the opponent getting knocked out.

The boxing enthusiast interested in betting has a lot of data to analyze, and yet there are the intangibles that bring all the fun and excitement into the wager.

MMA/ UFC Second Easiest Sport To Bet On

Boxing is a tough sport for the boxers but easy to bet on, but mixed martial arts or Ultimate Fighting Championships take the fun and excitement to a whole new level. And like boxing, the audience and bets focus more on the man or woman who wins the match as compared to technical aspects like points awarded or margin of victory.

One plus point for sports bettors is that it is straightforward to make the transition from boxing to MMA/UFC. Brute strength helps but a talented and technically-proficient boxer or fighter represents a much safer bet.

Once you master the art of identifying the right boxer, you can easily extend your skills to MMA and UFC bouts as well. Of course, there will be tough lessons along the way, but that’s the best and most exciting part of sports betting.

A Different Type of Easy—Points Spread is Fun

The difference between wagering and gambling is that luck is a small factor in the former as compared to the latter. A combination of learning from experience, hard work, and comprehensive research can lead to a situation where you take smart bets based more on probabilities than blind hope.

If you enjoy this aspect of betting, then only guessing the outcome and hoping for the best may seem very dull. You may enjoy betting on a different set of games that offer more scope for research and study.

American Football Betting For Beginners

Wagering on American football is so popular that a novice can learn all there is to know about this process by simply observing how others bet on the game. With online forums allowing betting enthusiasts from all over the world interact with each other, merely registering with such forums and tracking discussions should be enough to help you get started.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the game is not very difficult to understand. You can learn the basics of the game through a quick online search even if you have never heard about rugby or American football.

Although American football is a team sport, it helps that players have specialized and dedicated roles. So, analyzing which team has a stronger defense or which team has the offense to take out the opposition is not very difficult.

Finally, American football leagues and competitions are the targets of so much media attention that you will never be short of data, what you may have to protect yourself from data overload when analyzing betting odds on American football.


Like American football, basketball too offers far more betting opportunities where you can focus on not just the outcome but numerous developments through the game till the very end.
When betting on a basketball game, you can bet on the outcome of the game, i.e., who wins or who loses, or solely on the point spread, i.e., the points difference between the winning and losing side.

The former bet is an excellent place to start if you are a novice. Analyze the teams, identify the one most likely to win, place your bets, and then assess why you won or lost the bet.

As you gain more expertise, you can focus on points spread bets where you will not just bet on the outcome but also the minimum points difference at the end of the game. Or, if you think the latter option is easier to analyze, then you can skip the moneyline bet and play points spread all the time.

Soccer Ties For Easiest Sport To Bet On

And this brings us to the final sport in our list. In theory, soccer should be anything but easy. Soccer is a team sport with so many variables ranging from the form of the striker to the ability of the midfield to feed opportunities ahead.

Just a tackle gone wrong leading to a yellow or red card can change the game beyond recognition. Finally, history tells us the game can never be considered over until the final whistle blows.

Interestingly, despite all this, soccer is probably the most straightforward game to bet on. We all become soccer fans once in every four years. You need to carry your enthusiasm ahead and continue following the game.

Your love for the game combined with knowledge and betting experience, will help you place wagers on your favorite team or player with a lot more confidence.

There cannot be a universal list of games that are considered easy for wagers. These five games will rank high among most sports betting enthusiasts and offer an excellent foundation for you to start your incredible journey into the world of sports wagering.

If you need further tips and advice on sports betting see our guide here that can help assist and answer questions that you may have when getting started with sports wagering.


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