Who is the best handicapper in football?

by | Aug 14, 2021

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In sports betting, any kind of edge you can get is important. It does not matter what sport you are betting on, having good information and analysis, as well as solid predictions, can really make a difference in how successful you are.

Football Is a Tough One to Project

This is especially true in football, where there is a significant amount of information to go through for each and every game. It does not matter whether you are talking about college or pro, NFL or CFL, there is so much information to try to decipher and discover that making good picks can often be a challenge.

Just consider all that goes into a game on Saturday or Sunday. Not only are there injuries that may keep a player out, but also those nagging injuries that may hamper the effectiveness of a player. At the college level, there are possible suspensions or academic issues. You also have weather conditions, slumps, and specific matchups that play a key role in how well a player or team will do in an upcoming contest.

A Good Handicapper Is a Pure Gold

To assist, many look to find good handicappers who really know their stuff. Men and women who not only have exceptional researchers and who can discover hidden pieces of information, but who are also able to analyze and predict successful outcomes based upon the spreads, lines, and totals set by oddsmakers.

The right handicapper can really help you to be a winner. They can give you predictions and suggestions that help you to be far more successful than not. On average, the best handicappers are right somewhere between 55 and 59% of the time, but there are those who are even better. The ones who have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

You also have to consider that there are some oddsmakers who are exceptional in handicapping NFL games but do not have the same rate of success when it comes to college football. The opposite is true as well, where the handicapper is exceptional at college football, but the pro game is a little out of his league.

Then there are those who are great at specific conferences. They can nail the SEC or the ACC, but the Big Ten or the Big 12 are not areas where they shine. As you can see, there is a lot that goes into finding the right handicapper but, when you do, you will love how well they assist you in making the right predictions each week.

So, Who Is the Best?

Again, one handicapper may be great at the college level but not so much at the professional level. So, when telling you who is the best it is a bit challenging when you are talking about finding the best handicapper for all of football.

So, the most sensible thing is to break down this according to college and NFL. In that way, you can be sure that you are getting the very best handicapper depending upon which games you want to wager upon. You were going to find that there is some crossover between both lists, as some handicappers are exceptional no matter what type of football contest is being played.

In the pro game, five who have set themselves apart are:

  • Jon Price – 62.9%
  • Will Rogers – 62.1%
  • Info Plays – 61.9%
  • John Ryan – 59.7%
  • Teddy Davis – 58.5%.

In the college ranks, only one moves over from the NFL group. That is Jon Price, who did not have as much success, but still ran at the top of those handicapping college games. The top five is:

  • Jon Price – 61.6%
  • David Price – 61.2%
  • John Martin – 60.5%
  • Rob Vinciletti – 58.8%
  • Chip Chrimbes – 50.6%.

Why Is Price So Good?

What you notice is that there was one name that appeared in both lists, and this should tell you something about the great job that Jon Price and Sports Information Traders are doing. They have set themselves apart from the competition, but what is it about Price that enables him to be successful and better than 61% of his predictions at both college and professional levels?

It appears that it begins with great research and analysis by Price and his staff. In reviewing their website, there is a group of exceptional experts who provide solid analysis of games each week that makes predictions a lot more accurate.

What makes Sports Information Traders such a great site for users is that they are able to read analysis by the experts at the site, learning what it is that helped them to make predictions for that week. They give expert advice, analysis, and predictions that enable users to be able to get inside the minds of these handicapping geniuses so that they can better understand why a certain prediction is being made.

This lets you choose for yourself. You are not obligated in any way to go with the prediction provided, but you can get a better feel for why it is that certain suggestions are being made. They not only want to give you great predictions, but educate you at the same time, and that is what separates Price and his group of experts from the rest.

Think about Your Success

One of the most important aspects of getting quality information is that it helps you to be more successful when placing wagers. Truth be told, you are placing bets because you want to make money. A handicapper who was able to give you correct predictions better than 60% of the time is someone you need to pay attention to.

Just consider that if you placed a bet of $100 on 10 bets in a weekend and all spreads and odds for the same (just to keep the math simple), you would walk away with $200 more in your pocket each and every weekend on average. That is a lot of money in the long run, and it is why so many have turned to Price to give them predictions on football. They know they have a great shot of having a successful weekend.

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