Who is the most accurate MLB game predictor?

by | May 16, 2021

Predicting the outcome of Major League Baseball Games may be one of the most difficult for oddsmakers. While there are variables that remain the same from one contest to another in most sports, this is not true in baseball.

For example, in hockey, it is likely the same goaltender in the same 18 players will be on the ice from one contest to the next. In football, the same quarterback, wide receivers, and running back will be leading the offense, unless there is an injury of course. In basketball, it is usually the same starting five, and in soccer, you rarely see changes in the starting 11 from one match to the next.

This is not true in baseball. Every night, a team trots out a different starting pitcher. Depending upon whether the starting pitcher is a left-hander or a right-hander, it could completely change the lineup for the opposing team. This is also true depending on what kind of stuff the starting pitcher has, whether he is a fireballer, a more finesse-style picture, or somewhere in between. This does not even consider the need to rest certain players, how well one player has performed against a particular starting pitcher, or how long that starter is likely to go. Could this be a night where the bullpen sees a lot of action?

Finding the Right MLB Predictor to Help You to Win

Clearly, there are a huge number of variables associated with MLB. Trying to keep track of all those things and determine what is the best prediction to make about the winner of the game, whether one team covers the spread or not, or what the total may be, is quite a challenge. Not an easy one at that, to say the least. This is why you need to have the right prediction site or MLB predictor to help you.

MLB Game Predictions - Reading Matchups

How to read pitching matchups when handicapping baseball games.

No doubt that you will agree that this is a great deal of information, and it barely scratches the surface. A rain delay can end the evening early for a starting pitcher. A gusty night can lead to more home runs or to no home runs at all. If the first two guys in the batting order are out, it means reduced production for the number 3-5 hitters. There is truly a lot to consider.

To find someone who really knows how to make outstanding predictions for Major League Baseball games, you need to come across an individual who really does their homework. Someone who has all the latest information, including weather reports, injuries, and potential call-ups from the minor leagues. Then, that person needs to be able to piece all that information together to make an accurate prediction upon which direction someone should place their wager. This is what Jon Price and Sports Information Traders has been able to do.

Setting Themselves Apart from the Rest

If you look around at the best handicapping experts, you are going to find that most are right about 53% of the time. That may seem like a low number but, in baseball, it is incredibly difficult to make an accurate prediction 58% of the time or more. In fact, we will tell you that anyone who says that they are guaranteeing predictions for a sport like baseball, is clearly delusional. There are far too many factors involved to make such a bold prediction.

Jon Price does not guarantee picks, but he does provide outstanding predictions for Major League Baseball games, better than any other handicapper today.

Price is hitting on about 55% of his predictions, tops among handicappers covering baseball. Again, that may not seem like a huge number, but it is a significant edge if you are a person who likes to place a lot of wagers on MLB games.

Let’s just look at the next five for example.

  • Teddy Davis is hitting about 53.6% of his predictions.
  • David Price is the next best at 53.4%
  • Sam Michael is coming close behind at 53.2%.
  • Jack Jones comes in at about 53.0%.
  • Next up is Kenny Walker at about 52.8%.
Amount of Money Jon Price has made betting baseball

Year over year growth predicting MLB games.

These are considered the next best after Price, putting up numbers that some may not consider being particularly special, but they are huge. Again, this is not an easy sport to predict. There are so many factors involved in making a great prediction on Major League Baseball games, and this group has established themselves as top-of-the-line, yet, they still fall short of the mark set by Jon Price.

What Goes into Jon Price Predictions

Price has put together one of the leading staff when it comes to gathering and analyzing sports information. He has some of the best researchers, analysts, and investigators looking into every aspect of Major League Baseball so that no stone is left unturned. If there is a piece of information that could affect an upcoming game, you can be sure that the staff at Sports Information Traders has retrieved it and is using it to help predict upcoming games.

This type of information spreads across a wide spectrum. It means they know the latest information about injuries, slumps and streaks, call-ups and players sent down, player performance against a particular pitcher, and much more.

They also examine team information. How well one team is performing against another, how well a team has performed at home versus on the road, and how they perform at the other ballpark. All of this is gathered, and then processed to determine the outcome for that night’s games. You will not only get a great prediction for the winner of the game based upon the spread but also based upon the Moneyline and whether you should go over or under on the total. It is your complete source for MLB prediction analysis.

If you are not convinced, you should put Jon and his staff to the test. They offer the opportunity to test drive their predictions to see how accurate they are. You are going to find that he is going to assist you in being successful far more often than not. For those looking to win some big money, that is the edge you need.

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