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by | Jul 10, 2019 9 sports handicapping service 9 Win With Cody Reviews – Cody Covers Spreads

Instagram is filled with sports handicappers and touts who are posting photos of their lavish lifestyles and betting performances whether it’s Cody Covers Spreads or Vegas Dave there’s always some promotion going after the younger demographic that is on Instagram. This often includes videos of fancy cars, photos of betting tickets from Delaware Park and Las Vegas sportsbooks as well as piles of cash. While Jon Price is the most well known and successful living sports bettor there is a new handicapper making waves on social media. Win With Cody also known as is the newest Instagram posting handicapper.

Recently he has been posting photos of his Jaguar XJ, parlay tickets which range from casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada and Delaware Park in Delaware which became the 1st sate outside of Nevada to legalize full on sports betting and wagers on games. The reviews from his clients seem to be overall positive but of course there are comments on Instagram from those saying negative things about his overall performance. We have not worked with Cody so we can not vouch for his parlay plays and service picks one way or another.

Cody’s real name is Cody Vaujin and on SBR and the SBR Forum there are Reviews which are not substantiated on his parlays and betting picks.

On his website he currently offers an all-access pass for $345.00 premium plays for $225 and individual picks for Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL, NHL, College Football, and NCAA Basketball. His website also strictly states that the company is run by Cody Consults LLC  and offers no refunds. Cody Consults LLC is an active entity registered with the Nevada secretary of state and lists Cody Entertainment LLC as well as Alyssa Caballin of 112 North Curry Street in Carson City Nevada as a managing member of his entity. The company was incorpated on October 11, 2017

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